Plastering Services


Plastering New Construction

At High End Plastering we love working on new builds. We understand our job is a very important part requiring skill and attention to detail as it showcases the architect’s design, the work of our builders, trades before us and will be seen every day by the new home owner.

Detailed quoting, competitive pricing, project management experience and skilled teams; ensure we deliver on our promises, providing a finish that will impress.


Plastering Renovations

High End Plastering loves the sometimes challenging environment and work required to bring a renovation to a high level finish. We can clearly assess the work required at quoting stage, determine labour times and plaster costs. This means our clients are provided accurate and detailed quoting and ensures there is a clear understanding of what is required and the result that needs to be achieved. We guarantee a high quality finish every time.


Your Safety, Our Safety, Everyone's Safety

The safety of employee's, client's and the general public is a high priority in all works we undertake. As an established company it is disappointing to know many plastering businesses do not engage safe work methods, have work cover insurance for their staff and do not have Public Liability Insurance to protect their clients in the event that their actions may cause damage or harm, to them or their belongings. High End Plastering Takes every opportunity to explain to its clients the importance of these covers and confirming they are in place before engaging any trade at their property. High End Plastering has this information available at all times.

Other Services